Saturday, 18 October 2014

Difference between LCD and AMOLED

When people buy a new mobile they consider mostly about the resolution only. But, the screen technology is also more important. Presently LCD, AMOLED both kinds of screens are used in mobiles. In LCD display for LCD panel light produces from one place and expands all over the screen. So, that's why it seems to be brighter than AMOLED displays. But, this brightness is not the correct one. Using this kind of displays for a long time will get stress and affect the eyes. The AMOLED displays produce the light from each and every pixel. By this way LCD screen looks brighter than AMOLED screens. But, in AMOLED screen images looks more natural rather than artificial. AMOLED screens are power efficient, whereas in LCD screens, LCD panel require light until the screen is on. But, in AMOLED screens each and every pixel produces the light itself and turns off the black pixel. So, this way it utilizes the less power.

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