Friday, 17 October 2014

Computer Applications

                                All Settings At One Place

We can find lots of Settings and Applications on Windows Operating System. So, people who probably feel difficult to finding these Settings & Applications in Control Panel, can download and install an Application called "Ultimate Settings' panel" from the link This Application has stored options which you can easily open all important windows options. It is very useful applications so, give a try.

                                    Want to Check the Drivers Updates?
In Your Computer every hardware should be updated with the latest Device Drivers. Otherwise your PC may get slowdown or else some devices like Display and Sound Card won't work properly. It is difficult to find out the exact drivers for the exact hardware device model in your PC. So, to overcome this problem you need to download and install the application called Driver Identifier. You can download this from the site After installing the application, click on the button called Scan Drivers, it will scan the whole system in your PC and will give you a report containing details about all hardware items. If any latest Drivers found it will give you an Update button to click and update those drivers.

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