Friday, 17 October 2014

Does Your Phone Require a Screen Guard ?


                           Gorilla Glass 3 Technology
After purchasing a new Mobile or a new Tablet most of the people do the first thing is to put a screen guard on a display. However, there are rumors that the Low cost screen guards are low quality and higher cost screen guards are high quality. Do you think does your phone require a screen guard? Presently in the market most of the phones are coming with Gorilla Glass 3. This kind of Glasses won't get scratched easily, rarely you will see the risk of scratches even if you put the mobile in your pocket with the coins.
                                         Problem with Air Bubbles
Even some mobile technicians fail to lay the screen guard without air bubbles over the display surface. After getting one or two air bubbles .. Neither they can't remove the screen guard nor they can purchase the new one. But, they adjust themselves with the bubbles.
                                                     Display Quality
Screen Guards reduce the phone's original display quality up to 10% to 30%. The plain screen guards reduce less amount of Brightness & more amount of Contrast Ratio. If it is a Matte finish screen guard, hugely it drains the brightness and contrast. So, even though it is an expensive mobile it will lose its natural display quality and looks like a normal mobile. And after using the screen guards for a long time due to sweat, water and oil from hands or ears will spread inside and make your phone looks very ugly. So, stay away from the screen guards.

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